What are Environmental Sensor Networks


As industrialization and economic growth continue to advance, air, soil and water quality continue to decline.  This world-wide problem of air, soil and water pollution is a major concern for the health of not only human populations, but all populations. 

As both fresh and marine water pass through the hydrologic cycle, they are dangerously tainted by an exhaustive list of chemicals and pollutants, i.e. fertilizers, human and animal waste, pesticides, chemical run off, sulfur from smoke stacks, detergents, lead from pipe solder, oil spills.  Air and soil are subject to similar contaminants.

These environments are under additional strain as global temperatures rise, populations expand and the demand on natural resources increases.


The lead contaminated water incident in Flint Michigan publicized what many already know; there is a dangerous shortage of monitoring systems in place to make sure our water, air and soil resources are safe.  Water shortages and droughts illustrate the high cost for squandering resources and the need for corporations and municipalities to manage them efficiently. Air quality in cities world-wide is in rapid decline. Without reliable, consistent high frequency monitoring we there is no way identify these contaminated environments, establish protocols for mediation and monitor their efficacy.


ADDONITE is an end to end IOT solution provider. We leverage state-of-the-art technologies to deliver a cost effective, real-time, high frequency environmental monitoring solutions.  Our systems are cloud based WESN (Wireless Environment Sensor Network) networks built on Microsoft Technology. We collect physical and chemical environmental data in water, air and soil using small, low cost and low power (harvestable energy, solar) consumption sensors that are disbursed over the area of interest.  This data is sent to Addonite custom software running in the cloud where it is analyzed, triaged and made available visually to our clients inside their web browser on smart phone. The frequency at which the sensors collect the data is configurable ranging from once a minute to once a month; far surpassing human sampling capabilities.  Additionally, our systems are scalable.  Installations can be small and indoors, city aquariums, fish farms or greenhouses.  The can also scale up and be distributed across a wide geographical footprint covering coastal areas, lakes, farms, entire cities or the open ocean.  


As each ADDONITE Sensor Network is built to specific client requirements. Contact us to learn more about the over 80 chemical and physical properties our systems can monitor for including: Temperature, Ph, Salinity, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), Dissolved Oxygen (DO),Solar Radiation, Atmospheric Pressure, Nitrate (NO3), Ammonium (NH4+), Ozone (O2), Chloride (CL-)...


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With each moment that passes, environmental problems get bigger, health reports decline and the world becomes more complex.  
At the same time however, we have become more connected.
At no time in history have more people been aware of the fragility of our planet and the dangerous demands we continue to burden it with.  This awareness is driving sustainability initiatives across industry, government and research.
As these sustainability initiatives grow so does the demand for data.  Addonite’s vision is to collect this data and provide it to our clients real-time via the internet empowering industry, governments and the scientific community.
We shorten the time from data collection to problem resolution with advanced acquisition technologies and data integration solutions that visually present information from disparate sources under one single pane of glass. We enable data to be manipulated, audited and shared. Our systems rely on harvestable energy, low cost sensors and can go where others do not or cannot.
We believe that integrity in both ourselves and our data is the foundation of trust that will enable us to collectively solve our generation’s greatest challenges. .